About Us    

Club 69 is the first and the only one gay Sauna and Swinger Sex club in Tallinn! For customers only from the age of 18 /inclusive. The club's capacity is around 45-50 people.

On entrance, a ticket is being sold to everyone and then given a locker key. The ticket price consists of the following: a towel, which is in the locker; flipflops; the use of saunas (steam rooms), the pool and other rooms. Products sold at the bar must be paid for separately according to a price list. The Club has the right to change prices as it sees fit and set special prices when necessary.

To enter, ring the door bell. The club employee has the right to refuse entrance to a person under alcoholic and/or narcotic influence, also a person with intriguing and challenging behaviour. It is prohibited to bring along own drinks, photographic or recording instruments of any kind, also animals. To warrant that, the club employee has the right to check bags and clothing. Entry to the locker room is sans outside footwear.

It is forbidden to smoke in the bar room, but You can smoke in smoking room. Consumption of foods and drinks available in the bar is also allowed only in the bar room. Exceptions can be imposed only on drinks in plastic cups.

To be served in the bar, the customer has to present the locker key. Club members are offered foods and services at the credit of up to 20 euro. Upon exceeding the credit limit, the credit has to be paid for and a new credit will be made available. Non-members have to perform a prepayment, from which purchases are then substracted. Upon leaving the club, the remaining part of a prepayment will be returned.

Saunas: dry and steam sauna, pool and shower rooms are situated opposite to the bar room and are open to everyone. Visitors are not allowed to fiddle with and change settings of sauna utilities, lighting and sensors; this must be requested from a club emplyee.

TV, video and resting rooms: are situated with an entrance from the locker room and have minimal illumination. It is possible to rest there and watch films, converse with fellow sauna visitors or to privately intercommunicate in an intimate atmosphere.

Internet & WiFi: Internet using is available for all customers with no limits and no charge.

Solarium: Time for the solarium can be bought from the bar. Among other things, the price contains protective glasses and a cleaning material. It is possible to purchase special tanning creams and oils fitted for solarium use from the bar.

Additional products and services: It is possible, at request, to get an additional towel from the main entrance table. It is also possible to have special condoms and creams from the bar, also other gay-related accessories such as poppers etc.
We thank you for cooperation and wish you a pleasant sauna experience.
Club 69 - Your sweet Home!